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Danone in the Latin American Bottled Water Market: A Case Study
Fernando Robles and Nila M. Wiese
Volume 17, Number 2, Fall 2016, pp. 59 ~ 79

This case is an example of regional strategy and branding by a multinational. The case discusses Danone¡¯s success in achieving market leadership in the bottled-water market of key Latin American countries. Danone¡¯s success in the region is based on country-specific strategies for national brands. As Latin American markets become more integrated there is a growing opportunity to shift gears and develop regional strategies. One example is Danone¡¯s successful replication of its Mexico strategy in Brazil. Should Danone replicate this strategy in other Latin American markets? Should it adapt its current strategies to better respond to local trends in the regional market?  The case contributes to the understanding of the integration of global, regional, and local strategy formulation by multinational companies.

Key Words: Danone, Bonafont, Bottled-water market, Latin America

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