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Changing Planes in Managing Human Resources in High Performing Indian Banking Organizations: Attract, Retain, and Motivate
Prachi Bhatt
Volume 18, Number 2, Fall 2017 (pp. 60 ~ 83)

Sensitive to change, human resource (HR) function plays a crucial role in dealing with globally competitive marketplace. Banking sector in a developing country like India is no different. There is an urgent need to revolutionize HR practices in Indian banking. This paper, as part of a larger research, studies high performing banking organizations in India and proposes a changing pattern of HR for the Indian banking organizations through the attract, retain, and motivate (ARM) framework. Further, the paper examines through exploratory factor analysis (EFA) whether and to what extent the changing pattern in HR practices in case of public and private sector banks supports the proposed conceptual framework. Thus, the paper presents empirical evidences (412 employee respondents) for the changing pattern of HR practices. The paper exhibits differences in the extent to which HR practices are changing in the public and private sector banks. Decisions to improve the HR priorities and practices can lay foundations for highperforming organizations. The paper examines an important issue for managerial decision-making in identifying the right blend of ARM to become high performing banking organization.

Key Words: changing HR practices, high performing banks, managing talent, attract, retain and
motivate talent, high performing HR practices

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