Journal of International Business and Economy

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How Firm's Profitability is Analyzed in Relationship Marketing
Said Echchakoui and Rachid Ghilal
Volume 19, Number 1, Spring 2018 (pp. 34 ~ 49)

While relationship marketing is viewed as an important driver in the development of the firm¡¯s profitability, the condition of this profitability seldom receives much attention. In this study, we employ a dynamic exchange model between firm and customer to explore the conditions affecting the firm¡¯s profitability from a relationship perspective. The application of this model reveals explicitly that relationship marketing is not always profitable. The firm-customer relationship profitability depends on the customer life value (margin and retention rate), the duration of the firm-customer relationship, and the marketing budget to retain the customer and the customer acquisition cost.

Key Words: firm¡¯s profitability, relationship marketing theory, customer lifetime value, firm value

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