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Does Shacho-Kai Contribute to the Competitiveness of Keiretsu Network? A Comparative Study with the Case of Chaebol
Sanghee Yoo
Volume 19, Number 1, Spring 2018 (pp. 79 ~ 101)

This study analyzes how the shacho-kai (presidents¡¯ meeting) have contributed to the competitiveness of the Japanese keiretsu network. shacho-kai had been touched upon by various literatures as one of the important elements of the keiretsu , but there had been no attempt to analyze the shacho-kai in detail with comprehensive framework. Thus, this study analyzes the shacho-kai of Mitsubishi group by applying the ABCD model, which is a framework to explain competitiveness or the success factors and compare with the case of sajangdan-hoeui of Samsung, South Korea. Samsung¡¯s sajangdan-hoeui has shown superiority in speed and diligence whereas shacho-kai of Mitsubishi was better in synergy creation and goal orientation factors.

Key Words: corporate governance, keiretsu, chaebol, shacho-kai, sajangdan-hoeui, ABCD model

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