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The Effect of the Dynamic Relationship between a CEO's Attitude, the Learning Process, and Domestic Market Size on International Growth
Jin Sup Jung
Volume 9, Number 2, Fall 2008, pp. 81~102

This study focuses on the importance of learning processes as international business processes, which mediate between a CEO's attitude towards internationalization and international growth. In addition, this study deals with the moderating role of the domestic market munificence between the learning process and international growth. To verify the hypotheses, this study uses 102 Korean firms and the results obtained are as follows. Learning processes show positive effects on international growth. Furthermore, internal and external learning processes have mediating effects between a CEO's attitude and international growth. The domestic market munificence has a negative moderating role with the internal learning process on international growth.  
Key Words: business process, CEO's attitude towards internationalization, learning process, domestic market munificence, international growth

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