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Level of Control, Staffing Policy, and Training Needs for Overseas Units of Multinational Corporations: An Integrative Approach
Hoon Park, Youngsun Paik and Cristina Suarez Duffy
Volume 3, Number 1, Fall 2002, pp. 105~122

This paper suggests an integrative model in which MNCs combine staffing policy with training requirements given the level of control over foreign operations. The main premise of the paper is that different levels of control need determine the type of personnel and the extent of training required for managing foreign operations. At the highest level of control need, expatriate managers are provided with extensive cultural training. Conversely, at the lowest level of control need, host country nationals are given minimal functional training. When the control needs are moderate, firms can select either expatriates or host country nationals. Since the costs incurred in extensive functional training for host country nationals are usually greater than those for expatriates who require only a minimal level of cultural training, MNCs tend to prefer expatriates to host country nationals.

Key Words: Control, staffing policy, training, expatriates

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