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Incorporating Inter-Firm Social Capital into International Business Theory
Shaun Cheah
Volume 18, Number 1, Spring 2017 (pp. 24 ~ 48)

This paper explores and provides an understanding of how B-to-B relationships can be better understood by incorporating a social capital (SC) framework. It argues that SC dimensions (i.e., relational, cognitive and structural), underpin alliances that are salient to international business (IB).  A synthesis of the literature on B-to-B SC and loyalty into a single, process-based framework is established, together with institutional texture insights for firms to harness and develop for success. The central argument is that investments in relationship building not only enhance B-to-B loyalty but over time fashion the nature and depth of the alliance for the international firm. The paper adds to the literature on international B-to-B collaborations whilst having the potential in providing managerially relevant ("actionable") results in ¡®how¡¯ and in ¡®what way¡¯ B-to-B SC can be harnessed in the 21st century IB system.    

Key Words: social capital, international business, inter-firm (B-to-B) collaborations, loyalty

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